Founder of the Radco Group in 1996. He has put in his best efforts to excel in all his ventures including waterproofing which has been an all time successful venture.

With an aim to learn everyday, he has explored the most innovative techniques of waterproofing using the latest products available world over. His continuous efforts to provide the best in the industry & his nature helping his fellow associates in the industry made him the Vice President of the first ever “ Waterproofer’s Association of India”.

In the association also, his focus has been on educating the construction fraternity on the subject of importance & Techniques of Waterproofing.

Starting right from the roots i.e. the architects & consultants. His relations within the industry has helped him conduct training sessions for all levels of concerned people in the trade from labors to supervisors, to engineers to business owners.

His involvement with the different business chambers in India lead him to take business delegations to various countries like U.S.A. , Europe, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar to explore upcoming business opportunities in these developing countries.

He still thrives to acquire more & more knowledge in his field & excel ahead.

He strongly believes in
T – Together
E – Everyone
A – Achieves
M – More


Compiled By
Sonam Kaur